Simple Guide in Comparing Tyre Brands

Simple Guide in Comparing Tyre Brands

Every car or automobile tyre is different and distinct. Each brand possesses its ratings, temperature, traction as well as tread life. But there are other special features that a number of brands may have which others don’t. Before you decide to purchase tyre sets, it is imperative to conduct some research and assessments on available brands and determine the brands that are known to be the safest on the road and streets. In comparing brands, here are some tips to help you.

Do a Comparison of Brand Treadwear

Before you purchase the tyre, you need to do this comparison. The treadwear rating will provide you an estimate of its longevity. This is located on its sidewall. When its treadwear rating is 400 or higher, this means it is durable.

Check on the Traction Score for Each Brand

With the traction score, you will be able to know determine the ability of the tyre to stop on wet surfaces. Scores range from AA to C with C as the lowest score. If you are living in a wet area, you need to compare its brands that are rated AA or A to make sure that you will come up with the safest product.

Determine the Temperature Ratings

Each tyre brand has different temperature ratings. This will help you in identifying its resistance to heat. These ratings range from A to C with C as the lowest rating.

Identify Special Features

Different brands showcase different special features. Some tyres are likely to have a thicker ply material, reinforced sidewalls or made with run flats that enable a particular amount of driving while on a flat one.

Conduct an Investigation on the Company’s Reputation

You would want to investigate the company that provides the tyre brand of your choice. A number of its brands boast of good ratings; however, it can be possible that the company recalls such brand for safety reasons.

Compare Pricing

As with other products in the market, pricing is an essential factor when comparing brands. Every brand offers its products in different price ranges. You must determine the brand that provides quality products which give value to the money you are going to spend. Your research on the brands will help you know which among them has been known for offering the best price for the best tyre. Being a smart shopper is beneficial to your buying decisions in the end.

Simple Guide in Comparing Tyre Brands
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