Becoming a F1 Driver

Becoming a F1 Driver

Formula one is something of a dream for any young speed demon. The reason for this is simply that Formula One is at present the pinnacle of motor racing on the planet. A driver in F1 gets to touch speeds well beyond 300 kilometers per hour and this is exactly why most speed enthusiasts want to become such speed merchants. However, becoming an F1 driver is much more complicated than it may seem to you initially.

Becoming an F1 driver takes a lot of commitment and determination along with a lot of skill and raw talent. In fact, most F1 drivers tend to start at a very young age and compromise a lot to truly realize their dreams. Hence, before you start reading how a person can become an F1 driver, you need to realize that it requires unbelievable amounts of devotion. Here is a step by step guide.

Step I:
The first step to becoming a F1 driver is to get involved in racing at a very young age. A good deal of Formula One drivers started out as kart drivers in local or regional leagues with the help of their local karting schools or clubs. This has to happen at a very young age and while some teenagers have been known to achieve something, the majority of people have to start well below the age of 10.

Step II:
Even though people think that racing is all about racing, this is not the case because racing involves some education as well. If you want to be a F1 driver then you would need to get some formal training on how to handle powerful open wheel cars from racing schools in the country. There are numerous well reputed schools in the country that should set you on your way fairly conveniently.

Step III:
Focusing on Europe would immediately improve your chances of being a F1 driver. The longer you display your skills in Europe, the better your chances will be of being noticed by the scouts from some major formula one championship teams.

Step IV:
At the end of the day, you would have to consistently show that you have the talent and skills to make it in F1 for you to be noticed by any F1 professionals. Although there is no substitute for great skill behind the wheel and a lot of points and podium finishes, you should also get a reliable and experienced agent who would be able to capitalize on your successes on the track.

Step V:
A lot of drivers start out as test drivers for F1 teams before actually graduating into championship drivers. In fact, this is a good strategy because it would allow you to learn about the cars and tracks, before you can actually get into proper racing.

Step VI:
The final step for you to become a Formula One driver is to get sponsorship. While driving for Ferrari or McLaren may be your dream, you would most probably have to start through smaller teams. Such teams have poor finances which is why they appreciate sponsored drivers more.

Becoming a F1 Driver
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