7 Ideas for Finding Auto Sales Leads

7 Ideas for Finding Auto Sales Leads

To have a growing automotive business, you need to get a steady flow of auto sales leads daily. However, in the midst of a highly competitive market, it sometimes becomes extremely difficult to get a steady supply of effective leads. Nevertheless, you must find a way to have as many fresh auto leads as possible to boost your car sales and ROI.

1. SlideShare

More than 58 million visitors visit this site every month. SlideShare is primarily used to upload and share PDFs, e-books, presentations over the Internet. The site brings a large number of traffic to sites that uses it for promotional purpose.

You too can explore SlideShare to upload unique, appealing infographics and content with all the potential auto buyers. A person needs to fill up a form known as the lead conversion form to download a PDF or webinar from SlideShare. This site encourages a person to contact a business to gather additional information about cars or car related other things.

2. Interactive Videos

You can upload a number of interactive videos explaining how the latest cars function and graphically providing information about each auto part. You can also upload videos displaying the smartest cars up for sale in your showroom along with their most exciting features and technical specifications. Interactive, graphically attractive videos can successfully generate a large number of auto sales leads that can convert into sales.

3. Pinterest

This so-called new social media site has created waves in attracting online traffic and helping many companies increase their sales and revenue. Pinterest allows you to upload beautiful, appealing images, infographics to capture the attention of the visitors. You have to create a board to start “pinning” images that will help you drive traffic to your website.

4. Email Signature

We know about email marketing campaigns and how sending an email with a call to action can help you get many leads. However, do you know email signatures can also do wonders for your business in attracting potential auto buyers to your site or blog. You can add your latest blog post link or a landing page link below your email signature to let millions of people click on the same whenever they get your email.

5. Answer Questions

You can become an auto lead pro by resolving the queries of people interested to buy a four-wheeler soon. For example, you can be an expert providing guidance and essential tips in LinkedIn Answers or resolving the queries of members on your own Facebook profile page or Facebook Group page.

6. SEO and PPC

Effective conventional ways of generating leads is through search engine optimization and giving paid adverts on popular search engines. SEO and PPC prove to be very useful in generating leads because when people look for information on cars, they go to Google or Yahoo to find information. You must use short-tail and long-tail keywords to achieve a high page ranking for increasing your visibility and maximizing online presence.

7. Add Live Chat Option

You must allow a Live Chat box on your website and blogging site to allow interested individuals contact you to collect more information about your company or about a specific car.

7 Ideas for Finding Auto Sales Leads
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