18 Wheeler Repair Promotes Safety and Prevents Lost Time

18 wheelers frequently draw the attention of personal injury attorneys. It is common for personal injury attorneys to advertise that they are looking for clients involved in accidents involving trucks with a business name on them, presumably to go after the business’ insurance policy and deep pockets. Human behavior can only be controlled to some extent through random drug testing and careful hiring practices. However, a thorough program of preventative maintenance, including 18 wheeler repair when necessary, can help reduce your liability in the event of a lawsuit.

Routine vehicle maintenance is a cost-effective way to keep your truck road-worthy, and to prevent accidents. Some companies offer preventative maintenance and repair services at scheduled intervals for a monthly fee. In addition to ensuring your truck’s safety, regular 18 wheeler repair and maintenance keeps your truck on the road, reducing down time. Additionally, regular maintenance and repair is required by rule 396.3 of the Federal Motor Carrier safety Administration guidelines. Complying with these guidelines can help protect your company in the event of a lawsuit. Addressing common issues and making sure that repairs are made is a simple solution to prevent down time and keep your driver and everyone else on the road safe.

Many of the common performance issues for trucks are the same as those in cars. It is important to make sure that your truck’s brakes are in good working order. Maintaining your vehicle’s steering system is also imperative to ensuring safety. There are also frequent, common sense fixes that an 18 wheeler repair service can make. Like any vehicle, an 18 wheeler’s headlights, brake lights, and turn signal lights will burn out. Accidents can occur when other cars on the road cannot tell if an 18 wheeler is slowing, stopping, turning, changing lanes, or exiting the Interstate. These fixes can be done quickly, are relatively inexpensive, and will help your driver operate safely. Additionally, it is important to make sure your truck’s tires are in good shape. Tires with dry rot or improperly patched flats can blow out and create chaos on the road. Again, regular tire replacement is a relatively inexpensive way to prevent accidents.

A reputable 18 wheeler repair service should have ASE certification. ASE, or the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, is a non-profit organization that certifies automotive mechanics and other professionals through testing. ASE certified mechanics are given a battery of tests to make sure that they are capable of providing the highest quality of mechanical service. Other services offered could include warranty coverage, pre-delivery inspection, engine service, and complete overhauls. Comprehensive parts inventory is also an important consideration in selecting a maintenance service. Paying attention to your 18 wheeler’s maintenance needs can help preserve the safety of your drivers, as well as others on the road.

18 Wheeler Repair Promotes Safety and Prevents Lost Time
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